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The IFLA PAC Centre for Digital Preservation at the National Library of Poland runs a series of ten webinars walking beginners through the basics of digitisation projects. The webinars feature experts in the various areas of knowledge required in order to successfully run library material digitisation projects. The audience can ask questions during the webinars via chat or write to the moderator on t.gruszkowski@bn.org.pl.

  • A strategic approach to digitisation with Sandra Tuppen and Richard Davies (British Library) and Oleksandr Makhanets (Center for Urban History, Lviv, Ukraine)
  • Plans, budgets and workflow design  with Jody Butterworth (EAP), Salome Phachuashvili (State Silk Museum in Georgia), Tomasz Gruszkowski (Patrimonium Digitisation Project at NLP)
  • Conservation in digitisation projects  with Jeanne Drewes (formerly of the Library of Congress) and Agnieszka Helman-Ważny (Universities of Hamburg and Warsaw)
  • Legal issues – how to copy right in digitisation projects with Dr Maja Bogataj Jančič (Intellectual Property Institute) and Melissa Levine (University of Michigan)
  • Digitising in the field. An introduction with Sam van Schaik (British Library) and Tomasz Gruszkowski (National Library of Poland)
  • Digitisation standards and guidelines, practical applications with Martina Hoffmann (Swiss National Library)
  • Digital Preservation with Trevor Owens 
  • Technical basics of digitization with Andrea di Calisti 
  • Making Cultural Heritage Available with Sonia Wronkowska
  • Artificial Intelligence and new user stories with Sonia Wronkowska



Past webinars

IFLA PAC for Digital Preservation Webinars 2021

IFLA PAC Centre for Digital Preservation presents the recordings of webinars held in 2021. The subjects are metadata (PREMIS), mass digitisation projects, quality of digitisation.

A Q&A on long term preservation of digital information.

Questions or requests for future webinars? Please contact Tomasz Gruszkowski on t.gruszkowski@bn.org.pl