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The Publishing House of the National Library of Poland prepares, prints, distributes, and promotes all the publications of the Library, along with books created with its participation, both – in English and in Polish.

The Publishing House works vigorously to provide an interesting offer of publications, and does so at an ever higher professional and editorial level. It ceaselessly modernizes its facilities (for instance, by enriching its publishing profile to include electronic publications) and closely cooperates with professional layout artists. Moreover, the Publishing House seeks out new formal solutions, regarding both traditional and digital publications. Annually it publishes 25 periodical titles, several dozen books and brochures, and a considerable amount of special occasion items. In terms of its scope and level of publication, the Publishing House stands on a par with large publishing companies.

The Publishing House of the National Library of Poland regularly presents its output at important national and international book fairs, and enjoys considerable success when entering competitions and book shows.


Managing Editor: Monika Michowicz,

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