Historical interpretations of Friderick Chopin works

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Janina Familier-Hepner - skill characteristics


Although some critics reviewing performances of Janina Familier as a student of the Warsaw Institute of Music doubted whether her subtlety equalled her virtuosity, her renderings of Chopin’s Waltzes on the record labelled Syrena-Electro 8312 proves that in her maturity the pianist combined technical mastery and ease with self-control and refined artistic taste. Janina Familier-Hepner plays with superb virtuosity. Her sound is crystal-clear and bell-like with each note precisely articulated. Waltz in E minor Op. Posth. is smooth, with suggestive rubato and nuances concerning fluctuations of the tempo. However, it does not disturb the logic of narration – the story of a ball, full of poetic allegories, with clear pianistic utterance and enchanting brilliance of the coda. Waltz in F major Op. 34 No. 3 is similar – the pianist begins phrases with terrific tempo and finishes them in a calm way. It is a drawing-room waltz, but brilliantly played with refined taste. The rendering of beautiful poly-rhythmical melodies is magnificent!

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